The Flour

It all starts with the choice of raw materials, especially with the typology of flour.
We use various types of Italian flour, from the type ‘0’ with live wheat germ to the ‘wholewheat’ flour,
to always offer a unique healthy product with exceptional flavours and aromas.


The Method

Then it is essential to create and manage the dough correctly,
respecting individual processing times and maturation phases,
always to obtain a healthy and easily digestible product.


The Condiment

Finally, to complete each masterpiece, it is necessary to use fresh and quality ingredients
carefully selected to combine the flavours for an intense taste.
The last ingredient is cooking, which has to be perfect to obtain a product, beautiful to look at and exquisite to eat.


Our dough for the ‘Classic Pizza’ was born after years of tests and experiments
to meet our target’s needs and maintain the product’s characteristics in the takeaway pizza.

We make an indirect dough at a controlled temperature.

This means that our dough is born in two different processing phases:
one in which we make the pre-dough, in our case, the ‘Biga’, which then remains to ferment for several hours,
and a second phase in which we make the refreshment by combining the pre-dough
with the final dough with all the ingredients remaining.

After resting at room temperature and making the individual dough balls,
the final dough matures at a controlled temperature in the refrigerator for at least 48 hours.

In addition, our dough for ‘Classic Pizza’ has a 65% hydration level.

We use a percentage of stone-ground ‘wholewheat flour
combined with a part of stone-ground Italian flour type ‘0’ with live wheat germ
to maintain all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the grain,
combining more excellent digestibility,  friability and crispness, locking all the aromas and the flavours of the wheat.